A Belated Tribute to Winter

May 22, 2009 at 2:20 pm (new gallery) (, , )

I did a set of around 30 of ice mandalas. You can check them out at http://www.icemandalas.wordpress.com.

I love doing seasonal art. It helps me feel more connected to the earth’s natural rhythms. It also helps me feel more at peace with the weather.

I am not naturally a big fan of winter weather. I don’t care for the cold. I don’t like icy streets and sidewalks. This year I tried to focus on the positive side of winter. I took pictures of snow and ice and made winter themed art. It really did seem to help. Winter was more pleasant for me. I didn’t mind the cold as much. I looked forward to getting pictures of snow and ice.

Winter was colder than normal this year. I live in the DC area so winter is often pretty mild. A cold winter means more days bellow freezing than normal. We had two snowfalls that were more than flurries. Some years we don’t have any. Other areas had really harsh winters this year so it seemed really petty to grumble about our weather.

I got a lot of nice ice and snow pictures this winter. I also did a series of ice themed mandalas on my computer that were taken from digital abstracts. The digital abstracts made better mandala than the ice photos. My abstracts had vibrant shades of blue, pure white and pretty pale blue whites. The ice photo mandalas turned our rather dull with shades of dingy grays. I feel the vibrant colors of the abstracts are more fitting for a celebration of winter.

A mandala from an ice photo

Ice Photo Mandala

Ice Photo Mandala

A mandala from my digital abstracts



P.S. The only problem with doing art seasonally is that sometimes it isn’t finished till after the season.


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