Digital Coloring

June 4, 2009 at 3:25 pm (Free Downloads, mandalas for coloring) (, , , , )

I have been coloring mandalas from Michelle Normand.  Her mandala coloring site is

There are four free mandalas to color and 2 coloring books for sale.

I first got my start in mandalas from coloring mandalas.  Later I moved on to digital mandalas.  If you are interested in making mandalas coloring mandalas is a good place to start.

The first mandalas I colored were with marker, but this time I wanted to try digital coloring.  These mandalas work good with digital coloring because the large spaces leave room to show off special effects. 

This first one is where I started.  I am very drawn to the combination of black and dark greens with lighter green as an accent.  I replaced the thick black outlines with dark brown to give it a dark forest feel.

Dark Forest Celtic Cross

Dark Forest Celtic Cross

I started with something dark so my variations started to take on a gothic flavor.  The tended to get darker and darker.


Energenic Centered


midnight celtic crossoceans deep celtic cross

mystic night celtic cross

I reversed one of my dark gothic crosses, played around for a little bit and got these two icy crosses.




midwinter 2

I reversed icy blue cross, tweaked it a bit and came up with two fire theme crosses.  Two themes seem to come up often for me.  One is the dark forest, which I intentionally started with.  The other is fire, where the series ended up.

the order of fire

wood and fire

I often use my mandalas as an intuitive device.  They are a way to express what is in my inner self.  I was surprised to discover that coloring in mandalas someone else has made works just as well.



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