Mini Mandalas for coloring

February 26, 2009 at 1:53 pm (Free Downloads, mandalas for coloring) (, , , , )

Mini Mandalas for coloring
Mini Mandalas for coloring
I have uploaded some mini mandalas for coloring.  You can downloads the .jpg files at my lulu “store” – see link to the side.  It is a free download.  So far it is a plain (default) store front, but I hope to pretty it up in the next week or two.  I have tried to put .jpg files on my blog so people can download, but I can only insert a picture of the .jpg files. 

So far I just have one document there with the two pages you see here.  I have more mini mandalas I will be uploading in few days, about 5 more pages worth.  I noticed there were lots of other mandalas for coloring on Lulu.  If you like coloring mandalas, search (mandala, coloring) on Lulu and you will find a large selection.

Don’t stress the small spaces!  Some of the spaces on some of the mandalas are a little too small to color unless you are using media with a fine point and have very good small moter skills.   Just leave them white or color the same color as the spaces next to them.

The mandalas were made with the Pattern Pie software and shrank to 2 inches.  Pattern Pie is a fun software, but only makes low ppi mandalas of around 4 inches.  Even at 4 inches they look fuzzy printed out.  Shrinking them to two inches makes them much less fuzzy on the edges.

Mini mandalas for coloring page 2

Mini mandalas for coloring page 2


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