Microsoft Image Editor Mandalas

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It is possible to create mandalas in Microsoft Image Editor.  They are simple mandalas with less “slices” (identical sections) than my other mandalas.  Also they are square.

The steps:

1.  Open a new document.  It can be any size, but it must be square.

2.  Insert shapes.  Choose the triangle with the square corner.

3.  Format, resize object to fit canvas.  The corner of the triangle should be lined up with the corner of your document.

After the first three steps, save the document.  This can be used as a template for all your mandalas.

4.  Make sure that the triangle is selected.  Seclect: Effects, Fill with texture or color, Picture. 

5.  Copy (the triangle with the picture), paste

6.  Flip (not rotate, you want a mirror image).  The icon is right under help.

7.  Format, rotate, selected object.  You should now have a square.

8.  Edit, flatten all objects (this merges everything into one layer).

9.  Distort, Kaleidoscope, 10 on the slider bar.


Here is my starting picture. 

future flowers

future flowers

I love the idea of nature in the city.  These are urban flowers, or at least they will be when they bloom.  I like documenting all parts of the city:  the gritty parts like pipes and cracked sidewalks, beautiful buildings and bits of archituecture, and also bits of nature in the middle of the city.  These plants are starting to come up outside my work.  I am not sure what they will be.  I plan on taking photos of them as they grow and making more mandalas with them. 

This is the first mandala:

Coming Up Mandala

Coming Up Mandala

Between steps 8 and 9 you can rotate the the square for a different look.  The lower right corner of the square becomes the center of your mandala.  This is an alternate mandala I made using the same photo but turning it before step 9.

Coming Up Mandala 2

Coming Up Mandala 2




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