I am combining my digital art blog with my main blog.

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This is a entry from my Digital Art Fun blog.  I am combining the two blogs.  There were only 4 posts in Digital Art Fun.  I will be putting the other 3 in here later.



I am in the process of learning about digital art.  My goal is not just to learn, but to make learning fun.  This blog documents my experiments.  It is part how to and part show and tell. 

Some of this will be making things from scratch and some will be starting with other images.  For the images I will be using mostly my own photos or digital mandalas I have made.

I will be working with both Photoshop Elements (I have Photoshop Elements 5) and Microscoft Image Editor 2006.  Most post will just focus on one of the programs.

For my first experiments, I will be playing with mandalas I created on the Pattern Pie program.  The mandalas are created with black, white, and three shades of gray.

This is what one of the uncolored madalas looks like:

gray mandala #1

For the first coloring:

Layer styles: photograhic effects: blue tone

The easiest way of coloring, but not the most fun.

mandala #1 with blue tone

mandala #1 with blue tone

Now for an option that gives more choices:

New fill layer: solid color

Change mode to color

You can now select any shade you want.  I picked a bright purple with a little blue in it.

mandala #1 with purple fill layer

mandala #1 with purple fill layer

Next we do a new fill layer again, but choose gradient fill.  It is important that you change mode to color.  There are lots of options here.  After you click on the arrow by gradient, click of the new arrow to the side to see more gradient options.  The other options can make a big difference in the look of your picture.  The first image is with a rainbow gradient and the default options.

mandala #1 linear rainbow

mandala #1 linear rainbow

This next image is the same gradient but choosing the radial style.

mandala #1 radial rainbow

mandala #1 radial rainbow

This mandala is the same as the one above, except I have clicked the reverse button.

mandala #1 reverse radial rainbow

mandala #1 reverse radial rainbow

As you move the angle around the colors change.  This is the first radial rainbow mandala with the angle change to 45.

mandala #1 radial rainbow 45

mandala #1 radial rainbow 45

Changing the scale also changes the look of the mandala.  This is the first radial rainbow mandala at a scale of 50.

mandala #1 radial rainbow scale 50

mandala #1 radial rainbow scale 50

Thats it for now.  More coloring fun later

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