New Year Mandalas

January 1, 2009 at 9:44 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

It is the time of the year where many people think about new beginnings and fresh starts.   There are two sides to this – grand dreams and where you are currently.  For right now, I am setting aside the the wonderful things I will do when I have the resources, when I have the time, when I have built up my skills.  Today I focus on what I can do now with what I have.

In the spirit of right here, right now, I am using a photo I took from my window earlier today. 

New Years Day Mandala

New Years Day photo

 A bare tree, a parking lot and a rather plain building – not a lot to work with.  Generally I photograph things that look interesting or have interesting details.  Also I take hundreds of digital pictures and then try out many different ones to see what looks good for mandalas.  Today, I am just going with one of two pictures I took from the nearest window.

After a little fiddling I came up with this mandala.

New Years Mandala

New Years Mandala

Where I am now is only a starting point.  So it is with my mandalas.  Over the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with modifying my mandalas with photoshop elements and microsoft image editor.  From now on in my blog I will be putting in more modified mandalas.
One line of experimentation is to try on various filters to give my mandala a hnad painted or hand drawn look.  At the same time, the mandala needs to keep enough detail that the symetry is still recognizable, even if basic elements are not.
photoshop "painted" mandala

photoshop "painted" mandala

The second type of experimenting is concerned only with the look of the finished image.  Many of them are very obviously digital creations.  This next mandala was made using one of my favorite special effects filters – glowing edges.
Shiny New Year Mandala

Shiny New Year Mandala


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  1. Doreen said,

    Ilah, I find it amazing how you can take a plain, mundane scene, and make it into a work of beauty. Sometimes, this helps me to shift in seeing things from a new perspective.. one can always find beauty in everything if we change our perspective… a new view on life, one that is always changing. My new year’s “focus” is to keep this in mind.. look for the beauty in it. Thanks for helping me see it again 🙂

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