For socks and pillows

November 26, 2008 at 6:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

This is a really departure from the mandalas I have been doing.  Unlike my other mandalas they are very soft.  These are the first of my everyday objects mandalas I have posted here.

Over at mandala Oasis, our “mandala challange” is to come up with a mandala expressing thanksgiving or gratitude.  There is certainly a lot I have to be grateful for, but I won’t go intoa long list.  Many people focus on the big things – family, friends, good health, etc.  While I am grateful for all the big things, my thoughts kept coming back to all the little things that are often taken for granted.  I thought about my comfy couch, warm coat, my winter socks, soft pillows, a cup of hot tea.  For my mandala I picked two of my little things: long, warm winter socks and my fake fur IKEA pillow.

pillow and pink socks

pill and purple socks

pillow and purple socks

pillow and stripey socks

These mandalas are often very simple, especially compared to other mandalas I have done.  Sometimes the mandalas look like something that was created with fabric origami rather than a photo that was digitally manipulated.  The striped socks sometimes make for a more complex pattern.  Like the striped socks, the striped sock mandalas tend to look a bit fun and playful.

pink socks mandala 1

pink socks mandala 1

purple socks mandala 1

purple socks mandala 1

striped socks mandala 1

striped socks mandala 1

Check out more sock mandalas on my pictures only gallery at:

The sock mandalas will be uploaded later today, November 26 or tomorrow.



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