About my graffiti bridge mandalas

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Go to my Mandala Gallery to see more mandalas.  (See the links on the side.)

The mandalas were taken from this photo:

graffiti bridge

graffiti bridge

The bridge is located in Washington, DC between the tidal basin and east potomic park.

Photos with strong straight lines tend to make mandalas with star shapes, pentagons, hexagons and other polygons.   I generally play around a little bit with the image to make sure the points are not cut off my shapes.  The stars and polygons don’t always fill up the whole circle.  I tend to select mandala where they do.

Graffit Bridge Mandala #13

Graffit Bridge Mandala #13

Some photos generate the potential for more distinct mandalas than others.  If the picture does not have a lot of different elements, like the first set with the pipes, many of the mandalas start to look very similiar.  Other photos, like graffiti bridge, with the sky, the trees, the street, the car, and two distict sides to the bridge, generate more distinct possibilities.

Words in images:

Sometimes it is possible to make out an original word in the finished mandalas.  You can see “nick” in several of the mandalas.  You could probably make out more if the people creating the graffiti wrote their names more clearly.  Even when I capture a clear name in the mandala, every other slice is a mirror image, so out the most only half looks like recognizable words.  But interesting things happen to the words.  As letters are cut at odd places and mirrored to each other, the words become an abstract design.  Sometimes the words a bit like they may be part of a foreign language or strange mystic symbols.



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