Mandalas from two pipes

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About the original picture:

two pipes

My first mandala series posted is from a photo of two large pipes.  It is one of many photos I have taken in the DC area on my lunch break at work.  The pipes are from the side of the “south building.”  This building was built for offices for the US Department of Agriculture to supplement the original building, which is called the Whitten Building.  The south building is right across the street (to the south) from the Whitten buidling.

About the mandala designs:

Using base images dominated by curves often gives a flower petal look to the images.  The more slices used in the mandala program the more petals are in the final image.  Every other slice is reversed so each petal is actually made up of two slices.  Because the main image shows two pipes side by side, it is possible to get two petals out of a pair of slices (like in image #1) but this is an exception.  

Starting with an image with strong curves lends a softness to the picture, even one with a very industrial theme.  The softness of the design and the hardness of the material make for an interesting combination.  Even with an image that is all curves, there are often still strong points where the slices meet. 

Just starting with lots of curves does not always mean soft flower petal shapes.  Sometimes you get stronger lines like this.

two pipes mandala #6

two pipes mandala #6

Patten Pie and Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 can both give very different looks for the same base image, even if the same size slice is used.  This is because Pattern Pie only uses a fairly small portion of the picture [it is cut just like you would cut a slice of pie from a rounded version of your image] where Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 tries to use as large a piece as it can out of the image.  This is another reason why I like to do images from both programs.

Go to my photo blog (see the links section) to see more mandalas.



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  1. goatgoddess said,

    very cool !

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