My mandala programs

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For my digital mandalas, I am currently using two programs:  The Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0 and Pattern Pie.

Both are very easy to use and can create mandalas fairyly quickly.

Pattern Pie is the first mandala program I picked up.  It is fun and easy to use.  It creates a mandala from a “slice of pie” shaped wedge from your picture.  There is a large variety of slice sized to choose from for dramatically different looks.  You can also rotate the slice around your picture to create different mandalas.  Pattern Pie also has an auto rotate option where you can watch the mandalas change as the slice rotates around the picture.

A scribble options lets you create mandala made from lines you scribble on the canvas.  These pictures turn out suprisingly nice.  You can’t tell from looking that the pictures are made from scribbles.

The downside is that the mandalas are small and fairly low resolution.  It is good enough resolution to put online – if you don’t try to increase the size – but not good for printing.  The smaller mandalas on my gallery are from pattern pie.

Overall it is a good program if printing your mandalas is not important to you.  At only $12 it is well worth the price.

A scribble mandala from Pattern Pie.  These are generated from scribbles you make in the program.

little fire scribble mandala

little fire scribble mandala

This is the scribble the mandala was generated from:

little fire scribble

little fire scribble



The Kaleidoscope Kreator 2.0’s major advantage over Pattern Pie is the ability to make mandalas of any size and at a high resolution.  You also have the option of making different shaped mandalas, such as square, sun shape, star shape, flower shape, etc.  However it does not have as wide a variety of slice sizes as pattern pie.  It also does not have the scribble mandala option or the auto rotate option.  The finished mandala is only displayed as thumbnail, but you can click it to make it larger.  You have more options about where to place the slice.  In pattern pie the tip of the slice is always at the center, but with the Kaleidoscope Kreator you can place it anywhere it your picture.



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